How to remotely copy file

with Linux

We are using the scp command to copy (remotely) copy file/directory, for local check cp command. GOOD TO KNOW, scp use ssh for data transfer and used sane athentification and provide the sane security.

scp [option] <source> <destination>

Available option:

-1 Select SSH version 1 protocol (obsolete ... stop using it !)
-2 Select SSH version 2 protocol
-4 Force scp to use IPv4 addresses
-6 Force scp to use IPv6 addresses
-l Limit speed in Kb/s
-P port Force ssh to use selected port
-p Don't change the modified date on both file(source and destination)

Below an example, click here to understand how works ssh.

scp my-file alexandre@

Wrote by Raspaud Alexandre at May 12 2018, contact