Hi ! My name is Alexandre and I'm an embedded software engineer at Klas Telecom coding on ... more or less everything (Sublime, gedit & Vi) with C & Python mainly as well as web developper on my free time coding on Python (Django). I'm living in Dublin for two years now.

I created this website in order to not forget my knowledge about Linux, C, Python, Bash, Web, hardware stuff and everything else, so why not sharing if it can help someone ?

Like hundred of developper, I'm freely using open source software, language and library so I try to "pay my due" to the community via Stack Over Flow, Github, this website and others thing.

About me, I enjoy playing historical video games, Crusader Kings 2, Hearts of Iron 4, Europa Universalis 4, Total war, but also FPS like Battlefield and Verdun. As you may understand I love History in general. That's it !

Oh and I'm supporting the soccer team Olympique de Marseille and RCT rugby team.